Need to keep your data safe? Let us back it up remotely offsite.

From Up to, but not exceeding Monthly Fee
0 .5 Gigs $9.95*
.5 1 Gigs $19.95*
1 2 Gigs $29.95
2 Gigs 5 Gigs $49.95
5 Gigs 10 Gigs $89.95
10 Gigs 20 Gigs $129.95
20 Gigs 30 Gigs $169.95
Additional Gigs $2.50
Additional “Non-Server” PC’s $4.95
Additional “Server” PC’s $7.95
Tier 1 Plugins:
SQL Server, Exchange Server, or SharePoint Running on Small Business Server; Exchange Mail Box, MySQL Server
$4.95 ea
Tier 2 Plugins:
SQL Server, Exchange Server, Share Point, and “Basic Bare Metal Disc Image”on “Desktop PC” or “Small Business Server”, VM Ware Backup Plugin, or “Advanced Bare Metal Disc Image” on “Desktop PC.”
$7.95 ea
Tier 3 Plugins:
“Advanced Bare Metal Disc Image” on a Non-Desktop PC
$9.95 ea


*Non-Server PC’s Only

 AllStar Backup has the ability to natively backup data from SQL servers, mySQL servers, Exchange Servers, Share Point Repositories, as well as the ability to take a disc image of the machine for the ultimate backup solution. If you already have your SQL Server or Exchange Server backing up to a local directory, we can also back that up without a plugin.