Make your business look and feel professional with a phone system.

For one monthly fee (per extension), we will provide:

  • The ability to keep your existing number(s)*
  • Multi-line business phones
  • Local and Long Distance calls to/from (continental US & Canada)
  • Caller ID
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Built-in Conference Bridge(s)
  • e911
  • Ability to have numbers from anywhere in the world ring into your PBX, often for a flat monthly rate ~$10.00
  • Ability to transfer calls to Any Phone Number (even your mobile)
  • Online, Real-Time CDR reports
  • Auto Attentant
  • Multi-city/state extension capabilities
  • Ability to take your extensions home (or anywhere there is internet access) and use it. See e911 policy.

*Port-in fee of $20 per number, one time fee applies.


Service NRC (Setup Fee) MRC (Monthly Fee) Per Minute Usage Fee
Toll-Free $1.50 $3.00 $.033/US, $.078/Canada, $.182/Alaska
Termination Varies. US/Canada ~$.05, International-Contact Us
Local* $1.00 $2.00 $.0225
Local Unlimited*+ $1.00 $10.00 $.00
International* $1.00 $10.00 $.00
*Fees are for calls terminated to a VOIP circuit. Calls terminated to a non-VOIP circuit will be higher.
*Fees are typical. Exact fees vary based on several factors, but are locked in at the time of purchase.
*Some areas have flat-rate DIDs available.
+Unlimited – Max. of 2 incoming calls at one time


Hosted PBX allotment:
With each paid extension you will receive an allotment of inbound and outbound domestic (lower 48 & Canada) local and long distance calling minutes. These minutes aggregate among extensions and need not be used only on that extension. Currectly each extensions includes 1,000 domestic minutes (appox. 16 hours and 40 minutes). If you go over this allotment more than 3 months in any 6 month period, additional minutes will be retroactively billed at $.05/minute.

If you have a toll free number that terminates within your PBX and the toll-free number accounts for more than 30% of your inbound usage on any given month a premium of $.02/minute of toll-free usage will be assessed.